all under one roof.

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All Under One Roof

in our past experience we have often encounted situations whereby a customer has had scaffolding for a re roof & then decided that they would like to paint or re point their property whilst the scaffolding is up. this is not a problem, but to call the scaffolders back to alter & adapt the scaffolding to another trades requirements takes a lot of time & the customer will incure costs. often enough the customer will not go ahead due to the extra charges. this is where the roofing & scaffolding company can offer their services.

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Roofing & Scaffolding Simpllified

if a customer is having a re roof, why not take advantage of the scaffolding around the property to get other jobs done, like, painting and decorating, chimney repairs, window replacement/repairs, fascia & soffitt work, window cleaning, gutter work/reoairs, conservatory roof cleaning, brick work re pointing or any general high level maintenance. we offer all of these services are available to the customer whilst the scaffolding is up. all these services are dealt with & organised by the roofing & scaffolding company.

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Roofing and Scaffolding Norwich

About Us

The company was formed to offer clients various services in both the domestic & commercial sector. we have combined both the roofing & scaffolding services as part of our package deal. the package offers great reductions in time & money.


Roofing & Scaffolding

If a client requires a re-roof to their property then we can do a site survey for both the roof works & the scaffolding. No more waiting around for another scaffolding company to turn up & then waiting for their quote.

Under One Roof

You do not have to deal with loads of different trades, every thing is kept under one roof a such.


We offer free estimates & advice for all the services we offer. Please contact Nigel or Leighton.

Advice & Help

if you require advice or an estimate for any of our services then please contact Nigel or Leighton.

Other Services

Don’t need a re roof? but still need your property painted or a chimney re point? then we are here for that to.

Who We Are

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